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"I have fought the good fight, 
I have finished the race,  I have kept the faith." 
Saint Paul

My New Book Release

by Julie Onderko on 12/03/15

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to announce the release of my book, Discover Your Next Mission From God; How the Saints Found God's Will and You Can Too.  Here is the write-up on the publisher's page (Sophia Institute Press) and a link to order your soft cover or electronic copy.  A lot of prayer went into this book and I believe inspiration.  I can honestly say that my intent was to write what the Lord wanted written.  Here is that write up,

"If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire.”

—St. Catherine of Siena

God created each person for a specific purpose and with a specific mission. How do I find out what that mission is?

Every saint in heaven once asked this question. Their path to discovering God’s will was often frustrating and tedious, but their reward for perseverance is eternity in heaven.

In Discover Your Next Mission from God, author and retreat-leader Julie Onderko uncovers the lives of countless saints to show how they searched for — and ultimately discovered — God’s will for their lives. By reflecting on the decisions, circumstances, and ever-guiding love of God in the saints’ lives, you’ll come to a greater knowledge of how to see and live the plan He has for your life. 

You’ll learn how Maximillian Kolbe got God’s plan wrong before he got it right. You’ll read about St. Helena who persevered under the most challenging circumstances, including watching her son murder her grandson. You’ll discover how St. Andre Bessette found his calling to heal physical afflictions through devotion to St. Joseph.

Time after time, Julie shows us, God doesn’t call the holy and qualified. Instead, he calls sinners like you and me, lifts them up to greatness, and sets them out to do His will. 

Read these pages, and you’ll be armed with saintly strategies and examples as you begin the greatest adventure of your life. God is calling you right now, and He stands ready to fill your soul with the grace needed to achieve His mission for you on earth."

To order, click the link above.  

This humble work is dedicated to the Holy Family:

To Saint Joseph, my spiritual father?I am so grateful to him, and I love him so much.

To our Blessed Mother, Mary, through whom my consecration to her Son, Jesus,?has changed my life: I love her and?she is the best mom anyone could ever have.

And to our Lord, Jesus Christ, the God-Man and the absolute love of my life: because of Him, all things are possible.

Here I would like to publicly thank the people who helped me.  This acknowledgment is quoted from the book and it comes straight from my heart.

Although my husband, Tom, never wrote a word of this book, it simply couldn’t have happened without him. This is his book, too. His unwavering and often sacrificial support made it possible. Tom is a gift to me, and I thank God for putting him in my life.

What would I do without my spiritual director, Father Giles Dimock, O.P.? Father Giles provided the theological safety net required to ensure faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church. His ability to get to the heart of any matter with clarity has been invaluable to me. I greatly appreciate the guidance I have received from this good and wise priest.

Close friends are family that you choose. Steve and Karen Timm are like my big brother and sister. Without Karen’s belief and confident insistence that I write this book, it is likely that I would have procrastinated indefinitely. And I cannot thank

Steve enough—an absolutely fantastic writer and the best word- smith I know. He taught me so much.

How can I adequately thank my dear friend and prayer part- ner, Rahles Goodell? Every writer needs someone with a nose for finding mistakes, and that was definitely Rahlie. Not only that: she’s really onboard with the mission that others benefit from the saints featured in these pages.

Father Theodore Lange was so very helpful with the chapter on Saint Joseph. Father Theo also supported my writing ministry with a blessing, “May Saint Joseph guard this labor of love.” I am deeply touched.

There are also several friends who have supported me, and I thank God for them. They listened, made suggestions, and encouraged me. And you know who you are!

I am eternally grateful for the heavenly connections made while writing this book. It has been a real adventure getting to know these saints; they have become my spiritual family. What an incredible blessing it is to have friends and family in high places!”


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