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"I have fought the good fight, 
I have finished the race,  I have kept the faith." 
Saint Paul

Amazing St Anthony personal story

by Julie Onderko on 06/30/17

I found it! Well my husband did. This bazar incident is a testament to the humility and help of St Anthony of Padua. 
Saturday I suggested with the hot weather that I give Tom a hair cut—basically it’s a buzz and I use our clippers (we have new clippers). I buzz him on the back yard so there is no hair to sweep up and in the spring, the birds and critters use the hair clippings for nesting material. But we couldn’t find the clippers. We searched and searched. I asked St Anthony to help us find the clippers and was mystified that they did not turn up—after all I did ask his help and St Anthony has always been very helpful. All we found was the old clipper bag that I had intended to throw out. So we assumed I must have thrown the wrong clipper bag away. No hair cut on Saturday for Tom.  
We did not use the air conditioner on Saturday even though it was very very hot. But by Sunday Tom decided that it was time to use it. Our air-conditioning unit is located on the side of the house—you know that side where there are no doors or windows and no one ever goes there. Anyway, he decided that it would be a good idea to clear the weeds away from the unit. Hidden down in the weeds were the hair clippers in their bag with the accessories! 
We have a theory. There is a beagle-looking dog that is small enough to fit under the fence on the side of the house where the air-conditioning unit is located. We find him in the back yard from time to time, and he runs back to that spot where there’s just enough room to squeeze under the fence, and makes his escape. We think that the last time I buzzed Tom with the clippers, that dog must have taken the clipper bag off the back patio but couldn’t get it under the fence, deposited it behind the AC unit, the weeds grew up around it and… well it’s a theory. 
And if we had, like sane people, decided to use the AC on Saturday when it was so hot, we would have found it the same day that we had searched and I sent up my prayer.  
Why did I mention St. Anthony’s humility? Well, he was quite a preacher and evangelist. Numerous miracles, including raising the dead, are attributed to him. Despite the numerous and sometimes very spectacular miracles he performed in his lifetime, he humbly takes his office as the patron saint of lost things very seriously. 
St. Anthony we love you!

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