Steve Timm
Steve Timm is a CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG Blogger. Steve has been married for over 48 years to Karen. They have no children, but have parented a long list of Scotty dogs and a cat named Stowie. Steve was a goldsmith, watchmaker and Graduate Gemologist, along with Karen, in his family jewelry store.
Steve also wrote for sporting magazines and has hundreds of thousands of words in print. That career spanned almost twenty-five years and publishing in several national magazines.
Steve started Catholic “Instruction” back in his teenage days, but romance, college and business got in the way. Perhaps the best way to describe Steve is that he was a “Closet Catholic” for over forty years. But, ever the student, Steve spent those four decades studying the World’s religions and, especially, the early-Church Fathers. 
In 2005, at Karen’s urging and to Steve's delight, the Timm Family started going to church. Both went through RCIA and joined the Roman Catholic Church at Easter Vigil, 2006. To say that both Steve and Karen are active at Christ the King Church in Milwaukie, Oregon would be a gross understatement. Their ministries are many and they love each and every one of them.
Life is a journey, a journey with God. Hopefully, folks who follow CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG will enjoy Steve’s writing and his journey of faith.