Topics and Titles
​        There are a variety of titles and topics to choose from.  These presentations can be arranged to fit the needs of your parish, conference, or group.  Julie is continually adding new presentations to the list and can mix and match to suit what is needed.
        Do not hesitate to contact her with questions or ideas.
Julie’s Talks in general

God has a specific mission, tailor fit for each person right where they are. “What is my God-given mission now?” That is an important question, for anyone at any stage of life, to ask.

  There are several inspirational talks associated with finding and implementing our current mission from God. These are ideal presentations/workshops for anyone who desires to know God’s specific Will for this present time in his or her life. In these presentations we examine the struggles and triumphs of saints as they sought to discover and embrace their God-given missions. From their writings, examples, and often-unknown details about their lives, we will glean advice and direction

From Where we Currently Stand
No matter how our lives have played out to our current situation, God has a plan from us! A talk about saints that “got it wrong before they got it right,” and that practical application for our lives. This talk includes saints who show us how God uses our past, no matter how “colorful” or convoluted to serve His purposes in our current circumstances and for our current mission.

Humility, the Necessary Ingredient.
This talk is really engaging. It is a series of examples of a variety of situations from the lives of the saints where humility triumphs. It is proof that we cannot embrace our mission from God without humility. And we also get into the definition of true humility-which is not always what we might think it is! (one of my favorites and people seem to love this one)

Guardian of the Mission
In this class we are invited to meet out Spiritual Father, Saint Joseph. God Himself, entrusted St. Joseph with the greatest mission on earth—Jesus’ mission to save humanity. St. Joseph wants to be the guardian of our mission too! In this class we learn what the Church says about the “husband of Mary” and the saints who partnered with St. Joseph to accomplish their missions while on this earth. A class that is full of surprises and a favorite. 

Into the Father’s vineyard
John Paul II tells us that our service to the Gospel has nothing to do with age (too young, too old, or “too” anything.) This is a talk to inspire and to meet people where they are at with their limitations, not to burden them with more to do but to empower them to embrace their mission in their current situation. Taken from JPII’s letters to the laity and to the elderly.  

Who’s in Your Lineup? Putting Your Team Together
Don’t forget the Saints! When prioritizing our lives, our ministries, and our mission, recognizing which Saints ought to be, and want to be, on our team, should be a top concern. Our elder brothers and sisters in Heaven are anxious to assist us. Take advantage of this spiritual reality and gather a team of saints who will impact your ministry in profound and sometimes surprising ways. Be inspired and get equipped!

Setting the World on Fire; The Saints Show us the Way
“If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire.” 
Saint Catherine of Siena

Of course we want to set the world on fire with love for God. The saints will show us how they did it in creative or simple ways AND in some of the most unique or challenging circumstances. Gather motivation and inspiration from their stories. Allow the saints to support you in your spiritual growth and guide you in your mission. After all, “If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire.”

Persevering in God’s Will
A presentation featuring the missions of certain saints, that others, even the Church leaders, questioned and sometimes opposed. Often it was really difficult to stay the course when being resisted by family members and Church leaders. How we can learn from then and “stay the course,” preferring God’s specific will for us, even when it doesn’t appear to make sense.  

Saints on the Journey: "What will happen to the ones I love?"
        Nothing strikes at the heart more than the thought that any of our loved-ones might not share eternity with us.  Sometimes we feel as though no one understands what we are going through when we agonize over those we love, (child, spouse, sibling etc). 
        Many of the saints have been in similar circumstances and they want to assist us, inspire us, and give us hope. 
        Don’t assume anything! Julie brings their stories to life with often unknown events and details. 

A Message of Hope
        In this talk, Julie shares some lesser known facts and back-story about the Divine Mercy Devotion as well as the amazing message of hope. This talk is especially for those who think the situation for their loved-one, (child, spouse, etc.) is hopeless. It is not! 
        Participants will be provided with significant messages of hope and a clearer understanding of their participation in Christ’s work of salvation.